Sunday, April 27, 2014


I am so glad the weather has been nicer. We're still getting some rain and overcast days, but in general, it's been much warmer, which means we're able to spend some time in the yard. I cannot wait for summer! We've been spending the weekends getting some things done around the house to get ready for this baby. Aaron trimmed the rose bushes, we tried to choose a paint color for the nursery, and we bought a rocking chair.

This was taken a couple of weeks ago, and I think I've already grown. Often times, Aaron just stares at me and exclaims, "You look SO pregnant." I am running out of things to wear to work. I feel like every time I buy a thing or two, I've grown out of it within a week. I've already had people ask if I'm "going to go any day now," to which I respond, "Nope. Still have two months left."

On Friday, I went into the room where our department eats lunch together to find a big box of children's books and a cake. It was such a nice surprise. I feel lucky to work with so many amazing people.

These are just a some of them. There are more! So awesome. I love children's books. I posted something about it on Facebook and had a few people send me private messages because they didn't have any idea I was pregnant. I think that when you have a difficult pregnancy, you are less likely to be very public about it. In spite the complications, I am very, very happy to be pregnant. I cannot wait to have this baby. If he's anything like my nephew, I know it's going to be the best experience of my life.

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  1. Goodnight Gorilla is my absolute favorite book for little uns!


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