Monday, August 25, 2014


On July 7th Neko entered the world. I have no idea how to write about this experience. He's my favorite little guy, my best friend. I'm home on maternity leave and spend every day with him. We take walks, we hang out in the backyard, we listen to records, and he loves playing in his crib. He's a very active baby and has been super alert since day one. I can't wait to watch him grow up and to see how he develops and who he becomes.

I recently loaded all of the photos from my phone onto my computer. It was amazing to look at the photos of his birth, to see how much he's changed already. I've changed too. My whole life has been turned upside down. It's hard and wonderful all at the same time. I'm so happy to have my little family.

I'm in love with my little rainbow baby. I call him "Bubba."
I'm not sure why.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

pre-baby bucket list

I'm only two weeks from my due date, which means this baby could come any day. It's weird having no idea whether he'll come in one week or in three. I feel different every day. Some days I feel excited and energetic; I do a bunch of things around the house or run errands with Aaron to get ready. Other days I feel nauseated, exhausted, and ready to have this baby already. It's hard still feeling nauseous this late in the game, and I cannot wait for the sickness to go away. I want to feel like myself again. Sleep deprivation I can do. I'm already doing it. Nausea, vomiting, and sleep deprivation for months on end is practically intolerable.

Because we've had such a long list of unfun things to get done, I decided to make a little bucket list of "fun" things to do to keep my mind of the waiting game. I made it at 36 weeks with the intention of putting 30 items on the list (one for each remaining day). Um, yeah... I couldn't think of 30 items. But here are a few we've done so far:

1. Go out for ice cream (Little Man). I think we'll have to repeat this one; this place has some seriously fancy flavors. I got banana pudding and black cherry with marshmallow and brownie chunks. Aaron got Mexican chocolate and salted Oreo. The view of downtown coupled with the live music make for an experience in itself.
2. Go for sushi (don't worry, I didn't eat anything raw). A little while after we went for sushi, Aaron decided to have a go at making it. It was delicious! I can't wait to be able to eat raw salmon again.
3. Hang out in the backyard (I do this everyday)
4. Watch Orange is the New Black
5. Take a walk around the lake by our house (need to get more exercise in, but it' s hard these days)
6. Bake something good. I used to enjoy baking... Aaron baked banana bread. Maybe that counts.
7. Begin a new book. I'm teaching Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto next year.
8. Go swimming in a pool

I know these are just little things (not very exciting), but such is the life of a super pregnant woman. Doing my best to enjoy the little things in life, especially right now.

We went over to Joe and Kathryn's on Father's Day. They made some delicious food, and it was really nice to get out of the house. Plus, their kids adore Aaron. As soon as we walked into the backyard, Oliver started yelling on repeat (staring directly at Aaron), "Who wants to play soccer?! Who wants to play soccer?! Who wants to play soccer?!"

Kids love my husband. I think that's a good sign.

Monday, June 9, 2014

summer time

School's out for summer. It feels great. During my last week of school, Aaron came by and helped me move everything from my old office to my new office and from my old classroom to my new classroom. Our school is expanding. They are adding an entire wing, which is good news. It means I'll finally have my own classroom. I cannot wait. I'm a nester, and I like to organize and decorate my space. Thanks to Aaron, I didn't have to do much, but even the little moving I did do felt exhausting. After a couple of hours I began having contractions (yikes!) and had to take a rest. Saw my doctor the next day, and she confirmed that this can happen with exhaustion, stress, or dehydration. I think I was experiencing all three.

Needless to say, it's been great to sleep in, to be able to take naps, and to begin to get our house ready.  We've been grilling and eating in the backyard and also going out to eat while we still can. Here are a bunch of random shots of late spring and early summer.

I haven't really missed sushi, but the other day I was craving it. We went for sushi happy hour near our house and got some cooked pieces and veggie pieces for me. The food I've missed most during pregnancy has been soft cheeses: brie, blue cheese, feta, and queso blanco. 

I went out with friends for happy hour recently. It randomly rained, and I have very little to wear these days. I can't comfortably fit into anything except for dresses, so I almost stayed at home to wallow in my extreme pregnant-ness, but I finally decided to get out of the house to see my friends. I think it was actually really nice for all of us to get out of the house and see each other. I swear I've been out more in the past few weeks than I have over the past 8-9 months. 

Aaron and I went to Hops and Pie for pizza on his last day of school.

We had our labor and delivery class on Saturday. It was really long but proved to be beneficial and helpful (and even a little emotional). The hospital building was gorgeous. The class itself was in an old theater- really cool. We shared a plate of royal chicken at Thai Basil for lunch, an old favorite.

And of course, I never posted anything about our awesome baby shower. We went for the co-ed shower. It was in the late afternoon at a friend's house. Very low-key. No games. Just food, drinks, and friends. Now that we're having a child and have no family nearby, we are reminded of how lucky we are to have great friends. It really makes such a difference. I'll still admit that I miss my family terribly. Tomorrow morning, my brother and his wife will be having their baby (on my dad's birthday, so cool!), and I'm a little jealous that my mom is close enough to visit them and help them out. 

So anyway, just a few weeks left of being pregnant, then on to the next phase, what many call "the fourth trimester." I cannot wait to see what it brings.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

getting the nursery together

It's taken us a while to transform my little office into a nursery because we've been so busy trying to wrap up the school year. School is almost out, and the nursery is almost finished.

The disaster area that has been our house has been stressing me out. I'm at that point where it's nearly impossible to clean because I can hardly bend over anymore.

Aaron was an amazing help with this room. I mostly just bossed him around, told him where to hang things, and he patiently dealt with my antics and got to work. He did an awesome job. I'll have to give him something nice (maybe a baby?).

Because I didn't really have to buy any furniture (crib is a hand-me-down from a friend, dresser was in my room, chair was a gift from my mom), I got to buy some cool art for the walls. It was my splurge. I know it seems like the most impractical purchase, but hey, I grew up surrounded by art.  Why shouldn't my son?

My favorite is the monster screen print that we put above the crib.  I bought it from Leaf City Press on Etsy. I like that it's got a pop art feel.

Growing up, my sister and I had a moon lamp in our bedroom. It was really my sister's; my dad bought it for her on a trip out to New York. It left with her when she went to college. I found a nearly identical vintage one online after a lot of searching. I think it'll be a nice little touch of nostalgia in the room.

I've still got to clean out the closet and figure out what to do with all of my Etsy stuff, but I feel good having the room mostly done.

I've got two days of work and about a month of pregnancy remaining. All I want to do is float in a pool, eat fruit, and take naps.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

sayulita, mexico

Aaron and I love going to Mexico for Christmas. It's the perfect time of year to go there. We'd been to Playa del Carmen a few times, so this year we wanted to try someplace new. I had heard that Sayulita is a cool, laid back, and very walkable surfing town so after a little bit of research, that was our choice. About two months before our actual trip, I became very sick with hyperemesis. We were hoping it would improve by Christmas when I would be out of the first trimester; no such luck. After a trip to the hospital and an IV in my arm, we thought about canceling our trip altogther until Aaron finally said, "You can be sick in Denver, or you can be sick on the beach in Mexico." I opted for Mexico, and so we went. I was a little nervous, but it was definitely the right choice.

Although I was still sick the entire time, I kept saying, "This is the best vacation I've ever been on in my life!" Something about being near the ocean felt very healing. I didn't have to worry about anything aside from choosing a restaurant for dinner or an ice cream flavor on our nightly walk around town. It was awesome. I can't wait to go there healthy. It's a super family-friendly town. There were lots of American, Canadian, and European families there with children, so I am hoping we'll be able to persuade our family to go there for Christmas in the future with all of the cousins.  We can stay in a condo, make some meals from home, and take the kids to the beach every day.

**This is going to be a photo-heavy post. We took lots of photos.

You can see our condo behind me. We stayed on the first floor in a one-bedroom apartment. It had a kitchenette and a balcony with a screen door right next to our bed. We left the door open with the screen door locked every night so that we could listen to the sound of the ocean. It was amazing. The pathway below the condo led to the beach (5-minute walk) and it was a 15-minute walk into town.

On the balcony.

We had the option of walking through the town or along the beach.

We ate breakfast at the Choco Banana Cafe every morning. It was fun people-watching.

This is at Playa de los Muertos, a cemetery on the beach.

 I cannot wait to get back to this lazy little surf town. Hopefully, next time I'll be well enough to do some of the excursions outside of Sayulita.

**More on Sayulita here

Sunday, April 27, 2014


I am so glad the weather has been nicer. We're still getting some rain and overcast days, but in general, it's been much warmer, which means we're able to spend some time in the yard. I cannot wait for summer! We've been spending the weekends getting some things done around the house to get ready for this baby. Aaron trimmed the rose bushes, we tried to choose a paint color for the nursery, and we bought a rocking chair.

This was taken a couple of weeks ago, and I think I've already grown. Often times, Aaron just stares at me and exclaims, "You look SO pregnant." I am running out of things to wear to work. I feel like every time I buy a thing or two, I've grown out of it within a week. I've already had people ask if I'm "going to go any day now," to which I respond, "Nope. Still have two months left."

On Friday, I went into the room where our department eats lunch together to find a big box of children's books and a cake. It was such a nice surprise. I feel lucky to work with so many amazing people.

These are just a some of them. There are more! So awesome. I love children's books. I posted something about it on Facebook and had a few people send me private messages because they didn't have any idea I was pregnant. I think that when you have a difficult pregnancy, you are less likely to be very public about it. In spite the complications, I am very, very happy to be pregnant. I cannot wait to have this baby. If he's anything like my nephew, I know it's going to be the best experience of my life.